Welcome to my edublog, I hope you will find this a useful tool in helping organize for class activities and tests.

The goal of my edublog is to enable students to have access to dates from home.  We often get home and forget our planners etc.  This edublog is an addition to my students organization as a long term planning tool and is not in lieu of their daily planning.

I expect students to keep track of homework on a day to day basis and use my edublog as a reference for up coming activities such as projects and tests.

I may at one point,  decide to add homework assignments to this site as well.  However, the homework board in class will remain the main display for homework.

To find recent postings for any of my classes…. click on the class in question in the categories menu to the right of this screen.

To find past postings, click on the archives.

Please note: This is a voluntary addition to my  classroom organization, not all teachers will be offering this method of organization in their classrooms.

I feel strongly  that the responsibility lies mainly on the shoulders of the students… it is too easy for us to relieve that responsibility from students …  especially in today`s  technology based society; with services available at a click of a button.